Monday, February 9, 2009

EZ Rex Mod

Here's where it all started. My son's favorite character in the "new" SW universe is Capt. Rex. And, I have to admit, he's a pretty freekin' cool guy...too bad he eventually turns evil and slaughters innocent children...but for now he's a good guy and I pretend he stays that way.

Anyway, as a gift to my son, I splurged the $30 for a Hasbro clone helmet and with a little looking, stumbled upon StormtrooperGuy and all the incredible work he did.

Now, after spending 6 months and nearly $2000 on a custom, scratch build Jango for EP. II premiere, my lifeforce for doing such precision, detail work is completely drained.

However, I do still love to tinker and paint. Which is how I came up with the EZMod™ system. Which is simple - one evening's worth of paint and quicker than Emeril can say, "Bam!" I'm all done. And I get to permanently be a hero to my boy...which is more than I can say for ol' Rexy.

Anyway, like I said, with great inspiration from STG, I quickly realized this mod would require a little more than just paint.

So, I grabbed the lid to a vitamin bottle (some women's iron pills to be exact), a wooden dowel rod from Hobby Lobby, some sheet styrene and last but not least, the top to a bottle of Dial Foam Pump hand soap and a couple of greeblies from a model airplane kit and quickly assembled the Rex's antenna.

It was really so easy, anyone - and I mean anyone - could do it. No tools required. Not even a drill...I just used a pocket knife and slowly hand-drilled a hole through the vitamin lid to shove the dowel rod through. Then I dumped a load of 5-min. epoxy to secure everything and cut out a circle from .20 gauge styrene to cover the hole. I screwed it to the existing circle on the ear-hole then spray painted it black. About 1-2 hours, total.

Then, looking at a Rex action figure, I freehand penciled the Jaig eyes and painted everything with a small detail brush. A little black drybrushing for weathering and boom! EZ Rex!

I probably won't do the EZ Visor Mod™ because this is for a 5-year old and I don't want him falling down the stairs because I cut off all the peripheral vision.

All in all, not bad for $40.

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