Monday, February 9, 2009

Tiger Clone EZMod™

After successfully pulling off a HasRex (Hasbro helmet Capt. Rex mod), I decided to do a second EZMod™ after seeing the SW Clone Wars epidsode "Rising Malevolence".

In that episode, we are introduced to the "Tiger Clones", which are a part of Jedi Master Plo Koon's squad.

Anyway, I thought the paint scheme was totally cool. I freehanded a pencil outline, then painted over with simple black acrylic and maroon. The pics also show my experimental EZ Visor Mod™ unpainted and temporarily stuck in place, for positioning.

I may get around to doing some black mesh behind the mouth grill and side vents. But again, I'm not going to be filling in any seams or bondoing anything.

This is my second Hasbro helmet EZMod. Next up will be a custom CamoTrooper for my nephew. I'll post pics as I get the project complete.

-Bardo Fett

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  1. When are you posting your PDF template for the visor mod?